Marine Life Conservation promotes an understanding of the Sea more aware and respectful.
There are several areas in which we operate.



Diversamente Mare There are projects related to the world of social programs with velaterapia oriented to improve the recovery rehabilitation of people with disabilities.



Ecotourism A form of nature tourism which offers classes in marine biology, oceanography and cetology, with the aim of sensitizing more and more people on issues related to the delicate marine ecosystems.



Marine Life LAB Scientific research on marine biology and on cetaceans.



Science Communication Marine Life Conservation is a partner in the educational learning environment, with proposals in the field of applied sciences in the sea, sailing and marine biology.



Boat & Breakfast The service of B&B was born from the desire to be able to offer our guests a welcome alternative to the traditional hotel accommodation. An original living room allows you to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset aboard a sailboat or a dinner by candlelight surrounded by the sea