The Boat & Breakfast service is based on the desire to offer our guests an alternative service to the classical overnight stay at the hotel. An original stay that allows you to enjoy the sunset show on board a sailboat or a candlelight dinner surrounded by the sea.
Our B & B on Blue Water offers three double cabins with two facilities, kitchen and living room, TV, CD / DVD player, internet service and a large “oceanfront bookcase” to learn even without sailing a handful of secrets on sailing.

Ideal for vacationing or for a romantic weekend away from the noisy city, the service is open all year and the main ports hosting Blue Water and its projects are those of Loano, Imperia and Varazze. This does not exclude hospitality on Blue Water even in other Ligurian or French contexts.
Our B & B wants to give a service of excellence, offering our guests ad hoc programs:

– Depending on the period and the port of reception, there are possible excursions to trekking and mountain biking,
– visits to museums or Ligurian hinterland rich in history and traditions.
The B & B with Blue Water thus becomes a base from where to go to visit the coast and the hinterland.

On board Blue Water the Galley is Biological and Kmzero. Small farms provide what is needed for proper daily, seasonal and sustainable nutrition.

B & B Blue Water services:
· B & B – the classic bed and breakfast service.
· B & B Eat – In addition to the B & B’s reception you can handle lunches and dinners according to your needs.
· B & B Travel – our hospitality for a traveling trip where you are to choose the harbor and activities.