Marine Life Conservation was born in 2003 as a spontaneous union of people who love nature, the sea, the wind and the freedom to feel in harmony with them. To safeguard this, the association has started over the years a series of projects to promote scientific research, dissemination, awareness raising and enhancement of marine environmental heritage.
Below are the projects that are being implemented and are being implemented:

Kornati Dolphin Project
An eco-ethological study aimed at the protection of cetaceans, in particular the Tursiops truncatus, of Central Dalmatia (Croatia). The study started in summer 2002 and concluded with the 2007 season has demonstrated the presence of a tensed population of T. truncatus within the archipelago and in the neighboring areas of the National Park of the Kornati Islands. The objective of the monitoring activity is to reach a more accurate population estimate and to verify its trend over the years; In this way it will be possible to understand whether it is a closed or open population for migration, also comparing the neighboring catalogs to the study area and bringing to light any common individuals.
It is important to take into account the fact that given the high density of T. truncatus in the study area, this would be a strategic area, especially considering the presence of the national park inside it.
The collected data should be used by the park to design a long-term research plan and tracking plan.

Sail Whale
The main purpose of this project was to educate, to give more and more people the opportunity to know better the marine mammals of the International Cetacean Sanctuary, discover their biology and learn to respect them above all.
At the same time, scientific research has been carried out to verify the presence and distribution of species present in the sea segment between San Remo, the Côte d’Azur and Corsica.

Sea Life
With this type of scientific ecotourism, Marine Life has proposed a new way of living the sea, closer to its true nature and essence, not stopping at the surface, but discovering the most intimate secrets. Marine Biology, Oceanography, Zoology, a series of educational activities aimed at raising awareness of more and more people in delicate marine ecosystems.
The activities, both didactic and scientific research, were carried on board sailboats with regard to programming in Liguria, while within the National Park of Kornati (Croatia) a home was used as a logistic base and an inflatable boat .

TESTS OF LAWYER WITH Marine Life Conservation

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