Marine Life Conservation aims to promote a more knowledgeable awareness of the Sea by carrying out scientific, cultural and social activities.
Founding Partners choose the Sea as they feel it is the most vulnerable among the ecosystems of our planet.
With a view to a more respectful and conscious route, which aims to improve the knowledge of the Sea and its usability, Marine Life Conservation identifies the latter in a formidable tool for education, rehabilitation, integration, development and fun.

The sea, sailing and its rules become a means of discovering one’s and another’s emotional sphere, enhancing social and interaction skills with the aim of accepting diversity, educating on inclusion, accepting individual and collective challenges.
In this way the Sea becomes culture, not only scientific and naturalistic, but also of life.

To achieve its statutory purpose, the association operates in the following areas:
· Studies and research aimed at deepening the knowledge of the marine environment and its ecological and natural aspects;
· Scientific research projects with a view to protecting and safeguarding the environmental heritage and marine biodiversity;
· Promotion and development of social and scientific ecotourism with a view to promoting greater awareness, responsibility and compatibility with the principles of sustainable development,
· Didactic activities, training and environmental education;
· Cultural, natural and sport activities suitable for a harmonious and sustainable development of man in the environment;
· Veltherapy activities alongside delfinotherapy with people living in physical, psychological and social discomfort.
On Blue Water, each project is designed to provide an extraordinary educational methodology for its effectiveness and ability to engage in training, rehabilitation and recreational processes.