Marine Life Conservation is an association of social promotion, founded and supported by the Department of Animal Biology, University of Turin, which since 2003 is responsible in an active way in the marine environment, conducting scientific research, dissemination and awareness of environmental issues related to the sea.
Always engaged in scientific research at sea on cetaceans since 2007 is strongly committed to social with velaterapia and dolphin projects. Sharing his experience with people living in situations of physical discomfort, mental and social Marine Life Conservation to promote a conscious scientific culture, pointing not only to the lovers of the sea but also to all those who still not know him.

From May of 2012 with the active participation of the University Rebaudengo of Turin and Milan’s Cattolica a technical and scientific collaboration began to locate a correct methodology of rehabilitation to meet the different disabilities. The study is unique in its kind and the first in Italy.
Marine Life Conservation is also involved in environmental education by organizing events and offering educational activities for schools, to cooperatives and associations, or individual users.

All activities are carried out on board of Blue Water, sailing boat equipped for offshore sailing. The outputs of one or more days provide a cetacean sighting program and courses dedicated to marine biology to which you can add internships and additional activities such as snorkeling, free diving, kayaking and trekking.
On board it is made for separate collection of waste. Paper, plastic and glass are 90% recovered with educational and creative recycling workshops.
Blue Water ensures a biological galley and “to Kmzero”, with a view to a healthy, natural and sustainable.
Our naval base is in the Marina di Loano, the boat moves on the major Ligurian ports with routes to the French Riviera, the Tuscan archipelago, Corsica and Sardinia.