A form of naturalistic tourism that offers marine biology lessons, oceanography and cetology, with the aim of raising awareness of more and more people about problems related to delicate marine ecosystems. Didactic activities are carried out on board our “Blue Water” sailing boat. Many of our programs are developed within the “Cetacean Sanctuary” with routes between the Cote d’Azur, the Tuscan Archipelago and Sardinia.

  • Whale Watching¬†
    A unique opportunity to spot Whales and Dolphins in their natural environment.
  • Sailing and Trekking
    Many of our routes bring Blue Water and its crew to places where Nature is still sovereign. Our routes continue to land on a sea-going journey and wind up in places rich in history and traditions where even a simple hike can enhance the countryside richness of the place.
  • In the Blue Sea
    The wonders of our sea seen with children’s eyes …
    Simplistic seawatching tours combined with fun educational activities to guide even the youngest to a more knowledgeable and responsible sea culture.